Anergis is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based near Lausanne, Switzerland.

We strive to invent

The Future of Allergy Treatment


Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy with Long Contiguous Overlapping Peptides

to provide

Long Lasting Allergy Symptom Relief after a Single Two-Month Treatment Course

Using our

Proprietary Technology Platform to Defeat Allergies

We are fully

Dedicated to Research and Development in Allergy Immunotherapy

High Medical Need

With over 500 million people affected, allergy is the most prevalent and the fastest growing chronic condition in the industrialized world. The number of allergic patients has doubled in western countries over the past 20 years. Twenty-five to 30% of the population in industrialized countries suffers from various forms of allergic diseases (asthma, rhinitis, urticaria, food allergies). Allergic rhinitis in itself may be the cause or the preceding condition of asthma, results in significant quality of life impairment for patients with moderate to severe allergy, and represents a major economic burden to society and healthcare systems.

Extract-based allergy immunotherapy (also known as allergy desensitization, allergy shots or “AIT”) is the only known curative medical treatment for allergic diseases. Its efficacy has been well proven by extensive clinical experience and, in more recent years, by numerous clinical trials, both through the subcutaneous and the sublingual routes. However, its inconvenience has not changed for more than a hundred years. Conventional allergy immunotherapy still requires a patient commitment to three to five years of treatment while potentially eliciting serious side effects (eg. anaphylaxis). As a result, it is now well documented that more than half of patients starting a 3-year AIT do not get the full benefit of treatment because they give up therapy within the first year.

Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy is thus expected to provide a revolutionary option in the treatment of allergic patients with dramatically improved acceptance and compliance rates in comparison with currently marketed AIT products.


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