Vanya Beltrami joined Anergis in May 2014 as Director Product Development. Dr Beltrami has been with Ares-Serono, Laboratoires Serono SA and Merck Serono SA from 1991 until joining Anergis. Trained as a pharmacist, he holds a PhD in formulation from the University of Geneva. Dr Beltrami brings over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry where he held several positions with direct product development responsibility (e.g. Somatropin), acting as final dosage forms Project Director and Manufacturing Product Director. In the last years, he became a Global Product Team Leader, expanding substantially his cross-functional pharmaceutical development experience. Dr Beltrami was involved in the development, registration and launch of several injectable formulations or devices of growth hormone (Saizen®, Serostim®, Cool.Click®) in multiple countries.


  • Biopôle Building SC-A
    Route de la Corniche 4
    CH-1066 Epalinges
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