Jean-Michel Dayer is Emeritus Professor of Medicine of the University of Geneva (2007). Dr. Dayer trained in Internal Medicine in Geneva. In 1974, he joined the Arthritis Unit, MGH, HMS (Professor S. M. Krane), Assistant Professor of Medicine in 1978. Back at the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva (1981), he was Head/ Division of Immunology & Allergy, Geneva University Hospital (1993), full Professor of Medicine (1996), Vice-Dean (1999) and Chairman of the Section of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva (2004). Dr. Dayer was among the first to initiate the field of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in chronic inflammatory diseases, and to establish a link between immune system, cytokines and matrix degradation. He identified the factor IL-1 and TNF which stimulates collagenase and PGE2 in synovial cells, and unravelled the mechanism of its production - outcome of the interaction between monocytes and lymphocytes. He has 319 publications in peer-reviewed journals and numerous review articles and book chapters. Dr. Dayer received the Max Cloëtta Award, the Carol Nachman award the Novartis- ILAR Rheumatology, the EULAR Prize and the Japan Rheumatism Foundation International RA Award and presented the Heberden Lecture. He is Doctor honoris causa of Lund University (Sweden) and Honorary Member of the Italian Rheumatology Society. He was President of the European Cytokine Society, International Cytokine Society and Swiss Society of Allergy & Immunology, councillor within the Scientific Committee of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and is presently a member of the Scientific Committee of EULAR and Master of the American College of Rheumatology.


  • Biopôle Building SC-A
    Route de la Corniche 4
    CH-1066 Epalinges
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