• 213 patients included in trial of novel ultra-fast allergy immunotherapeutic

EPALINGES, Switzerland, April 1, 2015 – Anergis, a company developing novel and proprietary ultra-fast allergy immunotherapeutics, today announced treatment completion of its Phase II clinical trial of AllerT, a novel long-peptide immunotherapeutic to treat birch pollen allergies. In the trial, 213 patients were randomized to receive target doses of 10, 25 or 50 μg of AllerT or placebo as 5 subcutaneous injections over 2 months. The last patient was treated at the end of March. No serious adverse events and no grade 3 or 4 allergic reactions were reported. The trial is being conducted in Canada and is still blinded. Results are expected in Q3 of 2015.

“The trial results will support us in selecting the optimum dose regimen for Phase III, which we plan to start next year," said Vincent Charlon, Chief Executive Officer of Anergis. “Besides, they will add to our growing body of data demonstrating the efficacy of our novel allergy immunotherapy approach using long peptides. Our fieldbased clinical trials of AllerT have already consistently demonstrated the long-lasting immune memory and sustained efficacy resulting from just 5 pre-seasonal injections of our immunotherapeutic.”


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