Allergic to Ragweed Pollen

Anergis develops a COP allergy vaccine for patients with moderate to severe allergy to ragweed pollen.

Ragweed pollen is extremely allergenic; it is believed to be the most allergenic of all pollens. Allergy to ragweed pollen is mostly present in the USA, where it affects 27 million patients, with a high degree of severity in many of them. Fifty percent (50%) of allergic patients in United States are sensitized to ragweed.

· Several reports indicate that the prevalence of ragweed allergies is rapidly increasing in Europe and has already reached high prevalence rates (Burbach et al. 2009, The Gatlen Network).

· Ragweed allergies are a major cause of asthma. In a survey by Burbach et al, 2009, 23.7% of all ambrosia-sensitized patients presented asthma symptoms.

The COP allergy vacine against ragweed pollen allergy is currently in preclinical development.


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