Allergic to Birch PollenAllerT is Anergis’s most advanced COP allergy vaccine, developed for patients with moderate to severe allergy to birch pollen.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of all allergic patients respond to tree pollen. Among those, ninety per cent (90%) show reactivity to birch pollen extract in cutaneous tests. Allergy to birch is often related to allergies to other trees of the same family and to certain food allergies (hazel nut, apple, melon and peach allergies).

AllerT was evaluated in five clinical trials to date in ~460 patients allergic to birch pollen. These trials have shown that, in comparison to placebo, AllerT administered in 5 injections over 2 months, is associated with:

·Efficacy based on reduced clinical allergic symptoms and use of anti-allergy medications during the natural birch pollen season following completion of treatment,

·Optimal immunogenicity: with marked increases in IL-10 and allergen-specific igG4,

·Disease modifying effects based on the persistence of a long-term immune memory for at least 4 seasons after treatment completion and proof of sustained efficacy during the second post treatment birch pollen season without AllerT administration in the second year.

Long Lasting Immune Memory

Sustained Efficacy on Allergy Symptoms

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